Kotori Studios

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Kotori Studios Ltd is a small game studio and consultancy based in London with offering the following services:

  • Product development from initial game idea and design to the full development of the application
  • Optimisation / Feature development. Talk to Kotori, if your game or app is being unresponsive or you need help with developing a feature.
  • Experienced programmers. Do you need extra hands on deck for developing your game? I have worked on almost any platform and genre, and can bring more people on board if needed.
  • Porting to other platforms, with a strong focus on performance and a gaming experience native to the platform being ported to.

Platforms & Technology

At this time, Kotori is mainly known for its technological expertise, its ability to tackle difficult problems and to think differently where others give up.

Most of my recent work have been on Apple platforms (iOS / OSX), Android and Windows, developing with Unity, Java, Objective C, C# and C++.

Worldwide Network

Kotori is currently a one-man company that has business & development partners as well as freelance contacts all over the world, including Canada, Denmark, Sweden, UK, China, Romania and Poland. This means we can bring extra people onto a project as needed.

Previous Work

Check out the Portfolio page for more examples of previous work.

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