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Kotori Studios is an experienced developer of games and other applications. We are known for our technical skills and focus on quality, strong partnerships and honest communication.


The staff of Kotori Studios has a decade of commercial game making experience. We

  • Have experience on most modern platforms (iOS, Android, Mac OSX,  Linux,Windows, XBox 360)
  • Know OpenGL inside out
  • Are expert C++ and Objective-C developers
  • Have commercial experience developing games with Unity
  • Are familiar with most other programming languages (Java, Python, etc) and development tools (Xcode, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Git, Mercurial, etc)

At the moment, we are particularly looking for business partners who need help porting their games to platforms other than those on which they already exist.


Kotori Studios is also available for hire to develop intuitive and innovative non-game apps. Examples of apps we have worked on are OneGratis (iOS) and Papers (iOS, Mac OSX and Windows). We even have experience working on trading systems for a large investment bank.

Tools & Workflow

Kotori has a lot of experience taking on projects and working remotely. Online tools such as Basecamp, Git, Mercurial, Google Hangouts, Google docs, Dropbox and Skype are all integral tools during day-to-day work.


Kotori has experience working on a wide array of platforms and operating systems, including iOS, Android, Mac OSX, Windows, Linux/Unix, OpenTV, PS2, Xbox 360 and a host of special hardware platforms such as Silicon Graphics Onyx’s, Midi (System 6000), Amiga and more.


If you have an inquiry or are interested in a potential business deal, please email CEO and founder Gorm Lai at gorm@kotoristudios.com or phone him directly on +44 (0) 744 911 5342.


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